Letting Out Your Good Girl at Hale Street

Letting Out Your Good at Hale Street

North Shore Dish– Letting Out Your Good Girl at Hale Street. If you are attempting to lead a healthy lifestyle, you will find that you are gazing at a lot of salads or fish that is not cooked properly. If your significant other is the kind of person who prefers to eat burgers and steak tips when he goes out to eat. This is a fact that you will find yourself staring at. The fact that these are typically the only options. One reason I was pleased with the supper is because pub-style restaurants typically offer limited healthy options. That I had at Hale Street Tavern over the past weekend.

It is probable that the occurrence was influenced by the delectable pomegranate martini, which can be purchased for ten dollars. This is one of the possible explanations. There is a possibility that there were two of them, therefore. The mix of vodka, pomegranate juice, and pomegranate liqueur, along with a thin coating of ice floating on top, is a delectable drink.

Savoring Spectacular Sushi and Sesame-Crusted Splendor

My eating companion enjoyed his beverage, which was Stella Artois by the glass, which was available on tap. In addition to a large bowl of scallop chowder that cost $7, he also appreciated his beverage. In my decision-making process, I opted for the hot chick sushi roll, priced at $12, featuring a combination of spicy tuna, salmon, escolar (white tuna), and jalapeño salsa inside. Over the course of my life, I have eaten a lot of sushi, but this specific spicy tuna was the best I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. When it came to each individual piece, there was an abundance of it, and the amount of heat was just enough; there was no requirement for any extra wasabi condiment.

Additionally, I found my entrée to be pretty gratifying. It consisted of perfectly cooked sesame-crusted fish glazed with sake ginger, sticky rice, and perfectly cooked green and yellow squash. Twenty dollars was the price tag. I chose the salmon cooked to a rare degree, and it proved to be very tasty. Extremely tender to the point of melting, with a crust that is both extremely delicious and extremely delicate. Additionally, the sticky rice was quite tasty, and it is something that is not frequently available on the menus of restaurants or other dining establishments.

Indulging in Irresistible Comfort Classics

The fact that my dinner companion enjoyed his hand-cut fries and a half-pound burger with cheese, which cost ten dollars (there is also a full-pound version available for fifteen dollars), might not come as much of a surprise to you. As a result of the fact that I was being so conscientious about my lunch, I was under the impression that it was okay for me to steal a few fries. Unfortunately, I have to say that these were well worth the calories that they contained.

As soon as we took a seat at the bar, the staff was really cordial and attentive to our need. Despite being a Sunday evening, a respectable number of people were present, yet the atmosphere remained relaxed and inviting. There are discounts available on other evenings as well at Hale Street, such as a sushi prix fixe for $19 on Mondays, burger mania on Tuesdays, wings for 35 cents on Wednesdays, and prime rib for $17 on Thursdays.These discounts represent some of the offers available. Additionally, for those who do not enjoy raw fish, the menu features several cooked-fish sushi alternatives, along with a weekly-refreshed oyster selection based on the freshest offerings.

You can find Hale Street Tavern at 717 Hale Street, Beverly Farms, Massachusetts, and you can reach them at (978) 922-9232.

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