Swedish Treats and Holiday Cheer at Karl’s Sausage Kitchen

Swedish Treats and Holiday Cheer at Karl’s Sausage Kitchen

North Shore Dish– Swedish Treats and Holiday Cheer at Karl’s Sausage Kitchen- During his teenage years, my grandpa chose to move to the United States of America by himself, leaving Sweden behind. After living on the North Shore of the city for a few years, he and four of his brothers finally made it their home. As a result of this, there are still a significant number of us. Furthermore, we are the ones who were instructed to place importance on our Swedish heritage. During the holiday season, when our families get together, one of our favorite things to do is to make traditional treats.

When there is a disagreement within the family, I usually make it a point to drive to Worcester and purchase Swedish snacks whenever there is a conflict. On the other hand, I was aware that I didn’t have a lot of time left this year. After discovering that Karl’s Sausage Kitchen in Saugus offered a selection of Nordic delicacies, I made the decision to acquire additional information on the issue.

If you are not familiar with Karl’s, it is a wonderland of meaty treats that has been around since 1958, consistently gets accolades, and was even mentioned by Robert B. Parker in one of his Spenser books.

Several years ago, Robert and Anita Gokey took over the shop, and their dedication to providing high-quality goods is evident in the deliciousness of their products. They hand make most of the sausage on site and run their own smoke house. As an option to grinding the meat and spices, they chop them instead, and they never use fillers or MSG. In addition to the deli cases chock full of gorgeous meats and cheeses, their shelves are overflowing with European specialty foods of every type.

Exploring Karl’s Meaty Wonderland and Swedish Delicacies

It was good to get what I needed. Swedish medvurst is a soft sausage that you can buy at Karl’s. They make it by hand. It’s great ($11.49/lb), not too hot, and not greasy. They make their own kok korv and potato sausage, which I will try on my next visit. They also make limpa, which is a kind of Swedish rye bread. The base of this pizza is light and tastes like toffee. There is also a bit of caraway in it. Herrgords Orst costs $11.29/lb and Bond-Ost costs $9.59/lb. The prices of both of these Swedish cheeses are higher than ten dollars per.

I purchased a variety of items, including pickled herring, Swedish gingersnaps, and crisp bread, among other things. I was taken aback by the quantity of lingonberries that they had, despite the fact that I did not require any. Cloudberries, pickled beets, Julmust, and Glogg were among the items that they brought. We do not consume alcohol since we prepare our own potent version of Glogg at home.

When this time of year comes around, Karl’s sells a wide range of candies from Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium. This is done so that everything is ready for Christmas. There are also a lot of Kinder chocolates, a bunch of different kinds of lovely marzipans. And a huge selection of Stollen and cookies. There are also a number of marzipans to choose from. All of these things can be bought.

If you’re already in the Christmas spirit, you might want to go to Karl’s Annual Christkindlmarkt on December 5 before the holiday season starts. This event will happen before the Christmas season starts.  You can buy gifts and try traditional foods. It will be like being at a German Christmas Market.


As time goes on, I’m realising that I should make Karl’s my usual hangout spot. It’s not just because I want to try Swedish food. I also want to try all of that delicious banger that is made by hand. I’d like to do both of these things. It might take years to finish because there is so much food there. Like bratwursts, andouille, chorizo, and smoked meats and cold cuts. This is because there is a lot there.

Karl’s sausage is made in the kitchen.

142 Broadway, Saugus

(781) 233-3099

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