Rolly’s Tavern May Have the North Shore’s Best Dining

Rolly’s Tavern May Have the North Shore’s Best Dining

North Shore Dish– Rolly’s Tavern May Have the North Shore’s Best Dining. When was the last time you had dinner for two, including prime rib and a bottle of wine, with the tab coming to just $30? Certainly not in this decade.

But let’s back up a bit. We lunch with Corey Jackson, charming champion of the Lynn arts scene and Managing Director of Arts After Hours. On a semi-regular basis, and a few weeks ago he suggested Rolly’s Tavern in Wyoma Square.

The restaurant has been under the direction of Chef Rolly Hayes and his wife, Wendy Meninno Hayes. Ever since it first opened its doors in the year 2005. A substantial amount of renovation work was only recently completed at the establishment. In spite of the fact that they are growing into the back of the space. The project is still very much in progress at the moment. The establishment is laid-back and inviting. It features a sizable bar that is adorned with a multitude of televisions for sports fans.

Indulging in Boston’s Best Sandwiches and Juicy Burgers

At lunch, Corey opted for the famous grilled ham and cheese sandwich, which Boston Globe Magazine listed as one of Boston’s 45 Best Sandwiches. This childhood fave, served on white or wheat with a side of fries, was savory and satisfying.

I chose the Rolly’s burger, a half-pound of Black Angus grilled to order, served with a side of fries ($9). Talk about a seriously good burger juicy on the inside with a nice char outside and plenty of toppings.

Had it not been for the weekly specials. I would have gone back for the burger alone; however, the burger was what drew my interest. On Mondays, Rolly’s offers a special where you can get two burgers for the price of one, and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You can enjoy the dinner bargain: two dishes and a bottle of wine for thirty dollars. Features a selection of entrées, some of which are of a higher quality and contribute an additional four . The Rolly’s Facebook page features the menus that are available for that particular evening.

Savoring Hearty Main Dishes and Fine Wine Selections at Rolly’s

We returned on Tuesday night when the menu included a prime rib au jus. We opted for the queen cut at $16. Although the butternut squash ravioli in a whiskey cream sauce was tempting. We opted to try the chicken pot pie at $14.

On a chilly evening, the two main dishes were perfect because they were both hearty and warming, making them the perfect choice. Compared to the standard meal that is provided in pubs, the prime rib was luscious and delicious, and the vegetable sides were on a completely new level all together.With the help of the mashed red bliss potatoes, which were flavorful without being excessively creamy, the dish was able to acquire a wonderful texture. In addition to that, the carrots and green beans that were cooked contributed a wonderful crunch to the dish that was already delicious.

The all-white meat pot pie, which had a flavor reminiscent of roasted chicken, featured a deliciously crispy puff pastry topping and came with a garden salad that could be described as fresh.

Chardonnay, white zin, pinot grigio, merlot, and cabernet are the varieties of Salmon Creek wine that are included in the deal. Other varieties include merlot and cabernet. There are also wines from Lynn’s very own Urban Wine Project that can be purchased for an additional fee of $3.


You are going to have a hard time finding a better deal than Rolly’s midweek specials. Regardless of whether you are searching for a low-cost date night or simply want to relax after work while someone else does the cooking. The prices that are offered by Rolly’s during the middle of the week are the most competitive ones. Regardless of whether you are looking for a night out with your significant other or you simply want to get some rest, this is something that you should keep in mind. Given the circumstances, it is quite probable that you will have a tough time locating it. A vast variety of options are available to choose from.

In the heart of the Square on the Square is where you’ll find Rolly’s Tavern.

With a phone number of (781) 599-2160, along with a location at 338 Broadway in Lynn

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