Getting Fresh at the Beach: New Owners Bring Enthusiasm to Lime Rickey’s

Getting Fresh at the Beach: New Owners Bring Enthusiasm to Lime Rickey’s

North Shore Dish – Getting Fresh at the Beach: New Owners Bring Enthusiasm to Lime Rickey’s: The official beginning of beach season is this week, despite the fact that the weather is cool. Many people at Devereux Beach in Marblehead were taken aback when they noticed a sign affixed to the seasonal food stand, which announced that the stand had been acquired by a new owner.

A month ago, the stand, which had been most recently managed by Paul Petersiel of Swampscott’s Red Rock Bistro (which also includes another Lime Rickey’s outlet), was sold to Anthony Marino and Victoria Farnsworth, who are the proprietors of the well-known Marino’s Café in Beverly.

Since the previous Lime Rickey’s never left a particularly favorable impression on us, we were curious to learn about the new establishment. In order to have a better idea of what beachgoers might anticipate this summer, we went to the establishment for its soft opening, which took place today afternoon.

There will be a lot of things that remain the same, including the name, which Farnsworth informed us they purchased the rights to. (We have heard that the restaurant in Swampscott is also going through a change of ownership, and thus, the name of the establishment will be changed.)

Among the various culinary options that will be available, the menu will include fried fish, burgers and dogs, sandwiches, and Richardson’s ice cream, all of which are indicative of the traditional cuisine that is served in beach shacks in New England. The flavor will be that of something that is both fresh and affordable, according to Farnsworth, if everything is done in a manner that is both hand-made and local. This will ensure that the flavor is that of something that is both. As well as supplying lobsters that have been freshly steamed on-site, the stand will also provide lobsters that have been donated by Jeff Bartlett, a lobsterman from Beverly. In addition, freshly steamed lobsters will be provided. The objective is to keep prices for lobster and lobster rolls at a level that is as close to their market value as is practically and practically possible. The provision of additional fish will be the responsibility of a local business known as Patriot Fish, and they will be responsible for picking it up at the dock in Marblehead.

According to our point of view, the difference in the size of the burger was not only something that was anticipated but also something that was noticed. Although the quantity has been increased by a significant number of ounces, the price has not been changed in any particular way. In spite of the fact that she continues to retain an unflinchingly hopeful outlook, Farnsworth shakes her head. The quantity of four ounces was clearly insufficient to fulfil the criteria, as was readily clear after careful examination. As a result of the fact that it is topped with nutritious bits of tomato, lettuce, and onion, and that it is served with a side of delicious potato chips that were previously made at home, it is a huge progress. On top of that, it comes with a side of potato chips as an accompaniment.

The quantity of fish and chips that was made available for consumption, on the other hand, was not in any way inadequate in any sense.


Due to the fact that the batter was airy and crunchy, and the fries were cut by hand, we are certain that we will be required to return in order to try the clams and shrimp.

The fact that we were able to ask questions of this young couple who were so excited about their first day together made us feel awkward, but they were able to take it in stride and continue to work out their issues. Because of our visit, we are looking forward to more straightforward cuisine that is prepared with better care, an enhanced value, and the possibility of engaging activities like as live music and lobster dinners throughout the week. All of these things happen as a result of our visit.

This is Rickey’s Lime, which can be found in Marblehead at 105 Ocean Avenue.

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