A Taste of Tuscany in Beverly Farms

Introduction: A Taste of Tuscany in Beverly Farms

North Shore Dish – A Taste of Tuscany in Beverly Farms: At the beginning of this week, when we arrived at Shelly Green’s house in Beverly Farms, the first thing that we saw was a delicious supper, some people who enjoy food as much as we do, and a teacher who was very educated about the subject. Moreover, did I mention that there is an oven that burns wood on the roof of the building?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the pizza-making class that we were invited to at Italy Eats was without a doubt one of the most unforgettable experiences that we have ever had in our lives. There was an abundance of these goods, including cheeses, crackers, salami, olives, fig jam, prosciutto, and other delights. In addition, there was a lavish assortment of these options. During the time that Shelly was showing us around her kitchen, which is intended for educational reasons and boasts a breathtaking view of the ocean in addition to the pizza oven that was described before, we munched on some food and snapped some photographs. The kitchen that Shelly creates is designed to be used for educational purposes.

The pizza dough had previously been prepared and proofed by Shelly beforehand. Ralph, Shelly’s husband, is a native Italian, and as we were sampling the antipasto, he was cooking some fresh bread sticks in the oven. These bread sticks were going to be stuffed with broccoli rabe and peppers that had been sautéed. Because of the wine, the spedini, and the conversations that were about food, it was quite difficult for us to take our attention away from the pizza that we were preparing.

Despite this, we were able to construct some genuinely remarkable dishes by making use of the huge variety of components that were given out for us to select from so that we could produce them. Some of the components that were included in this assortment were fresh mozzarella, smoked gouda, farmer’s cheese, parmesan, spicy sausage, fontina, leeks, broccoli rabe, and chili flakes.The addition of fontina, farmer’s cheese, and farmer’s cheese were also included in the ingredients. In my opinion, the most delicious combination of ingredients is a white pizza topped with farmer’s cheese, broccoli rabe, and sausage. This combination is the most delicious combination of foods. One of my fellow bloggers, whose name is Brian Knowles, was the one who brought to my attention this particular combo, which is the one that I adore the most.. The salad that Shelly had prepared, which was exquisitely cooked and had gala apples, watercress, and arugula, was a fantastic complement to the food that was being given. It was a recipe that should be tried at home, and the manner in which it was served with the salad was quite satisfying.

Shelly is able to host sessions for as many as eight individuals, and if you come as a group, she will tailor the menu to your tastes about cuisine and the topics that you wish to learn about. There will be a supper served in a seated setting.Immediately following supper, a friend of Ralph and Shelly’s who plays the guitar will serenade you in Italian, just as we were doing. In the event that you are fortunate, you will be bestowed with this opportunity. Not only does Shelly encourage you to ask questions about Italian cuisine, but she also gives recipes for all of your culinary needs.. Shelly’s expertise of Italian cuisine is formidable.

Conclusion: A Taste of Tuscany in Beverly Farms

Additionally, Shelly spends time in Tuscany with a select few individuals in small groups. During the trip that will take place in May and will be based in a castle that dates back to the 11th century, there are still a few spaces available for those who are interested in participating. As part of the vacation, participants will participate in a “Big Night” medieval supper, as well as five days of cooking, photography, or combined activities.

It is with great appreciation that we would want to convey our appreciation to Shelly and Ralph for the magical evening that they made available to us. Despite the fact that we are still daydreaming about the pizza that they produced, which was crispy, chewy, and smoky, we are making plans to build our very own wood-fired oven so that we may duplicate it.

Italy Eats is located at 104 West Street Beverly Farms and can be reached at 978.927.5555.

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