Hits and Misses at Pride’s Osteria

Hits and Misses at Pride’s Osteria

North Shore Dish – Hits and Misses at Pride’s Osteria: We were finally able to go to Beverly’s Pride’s Osteria, a restaurant that has been receiving a lot of attention as of late. It felt like an age before we were finally allowed to get there. We travelled there the weekend before the previous one.

However, despite the fact that we had extremely high expectations for the event, it turned out to be a little bit bizarre rather than what we had anticipated. The noise level in the dining space climbed dramatically as the evening drew to a close, making it tough to carry on a conversation due to the fact that it was very sterile. It was a great surprise to find that the bar area had a substantially lower level of noise than the rest of the establishment. Despite this, the wait staff provided a great experience and was eager to be of assistance in any way they could.

We were not impressed with the small amount of wine that was poured, and we noticed that several of the beverages were priced one dollar higher than the rates that were indicated on the web menu. Despite the fact that the Montenegro Manhattan, which was made with Amaro Montenegro, was a delicious cocktail, we were not pleased with the limited amount of wine that was poured.

In addition to the lightly smoked local bluefish with Maine fiddleheads and house-made cherry vinegar ($12), we really loved the light and crunchy bread that was delivered with fruity olive oil for dipping. At the same time that the fiddleheads were crisp and fresh, the dressing had a tangy flavour.

The Tagliere del Contadino, also known as the farm board, was delicious and had an assortment of artisanal meats, cheeses, and bread. However, the half piece was somewhat small for $14. Also lacking in quantity was the caprese salad with mozzarella from bufala. Despite the fact that the heirloom tomato slices and imported mozzarella were both tasty and fresh, the dish did not justify the price of $14.

After much deliberation, we all came to the conclusion that the pasta that chef Paolo Laboa had created by hand would be the most suitable selection for our main course. One of the foods that was very well-liked by the culinary community was the angnolotti that was cooked in the piedmontese manner. This particular dish was loaded with red wine, braised pork, beef, and sausage. In addition to being soft and meaty, the small pillows, which were placed warm between the folds of a cloth napkin, cost $22 and were served to the guests.

Despite the fact that the other two dishes had pasta with a wonderful texture, we were not impressed by the sauces. In spite of the fact that it was silky, the pesto, which was a dish that was honoured with numerous accolades and awards, was otherwise fairly unimpressive. In a disappointing turn of events, the translation did not do the piccaggette pasta with lobster ($22) credit.After doing some research on the internet, I came to the conclusion that the Italian dish known as “alla Maggiorana” is actually a preparation made with marjoram, despite the fact that the menu labelled it as a “light, fresh organic tomato sauce.” I arrived to this conclusion after completing some research. Despite the fact that the entrée was served with a sauce that was hardly detectable and had a note of bitterness, the sauce did not measure up to the promise that it made.


To our good fortune, the dinner was capped off with a delicious dessert. The latte dolce that were created in-house were delicious dough nibbles that were deep-fried and filled with cream. They were both amazing and addictive. The limoncello that was served at the restaurant was exceptional, and it was offered to customers as a shot of homemade liqueur at the conclusion of their meal.

Our overall impression of the visit was that it was a letdown. There were several flavours that stood out in my mind, but there were also those that were a complete and utter disappointment. Additionally, the amounts were all quite small in comparison to the cost.

Beverly’s Pride’s Osteria is located at 240 Rantoul Street.

The number 978.969.0083

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