Wild Horse a Satisfying Ride for Beverly Restaurant Goers

Wild Horse a Satisfying Ride for Beverly Restaurant Goers

North Shore Dish– Wild Horse a Satisfying Ride for Beverly Restaurant Goers – We were huge fans of the new owners, Matt Blanchard and Sam Hunt, when they were at 15 Walnut in Hamilton, and we have been excited to check out the new Wild Horse Café ever since they left their previous location. A number of months ago, Blanchard and Hunt took over the restaurant that had previously been owned by Brendan Crocker. Although there were a few small complaints, the newly remodelled facility and revised menu were, on the whole, quite well received.

In spite of the fact that it is lighter and brighter, the room seems really cosy. Despite the fact that the cushioned furniture is doing its job, the sound levels are extremely good, and the décor is eccentric without being excessive. yet there is no longer a bar in the dining room, yet there is still a separate bar area, the cocktails are still available in full force. The raspberry lime rickey, which was a generously sized drink and cost eleven dollars, was an adult version of the ones that we used to splurge on at Brigham’s. We also enjoyed the hot and dirty martini, which cost ten dollars and had the perfect amount of heat.

Exploring the Culinary Delights: Meze Plate and More

The first item that we were served was a meze plate, which included olives, cheese of the day, and grilled asparagus. From a list of potential meze elements, which cost twelve dollars each, we chose these particular products to purchase. Both the cheese and the asparagus had a wonderful smoky flavour, and the cheese was of an exceptionally high grade.Upon inquiring about the preparation, they informed us that they were grilling it with a wood-fueled grill. We couldn’t resist the Thai poutine, featuring rich fries seasoned with Thai spices and drizzled with peanut sauce, priced at $8. We were unable to say no to either of these items. Though it may sound unusual, it was a fantastic dish.

There are salads, small plates, and sandwiches on the menu, in addition to the typical appetisers and main courses. The menu has been carefully considered. The daily specials consist of a cheese, salad, taco, flatbread, and pasta, which helps to maintain a sense of novelty and freshness in the dining experience.
We savored outstanding meat dishes, including the $24 steak frites, the $26 short ribs with mashed potatoes and smoky asparagus, and the $14 lamb chop small plate, which offered a generous portion and delightful smokiness.

However, we deemed the pesto served with the lamb too sharp, and the swordfish added to the $17 taco plate was rubbery.

However, the grilled tortillas, flavorful salsa, and tasty coleslaw complemented the fish beautifully. Notably, the pig supper, featuring slow-cooked pork shoulder with Moxie barbecue sauce, confit belly, and bacon-braised kale, emerged as the group’s favorite option.


Our suspicion is that Blanchard and Hunt are currently working on improving the menu in order to establish themselves as a leader in the region while also satisfying the needs of their clients. On a night that was reasonably busy, our waitress appeared more frazzled than nice. We would want to see an improvement in the level of service that is provided.

Even though we had no need for dessert, we went ahead and indulged in it anyhow. The chocolate therapy cake ($8) was presented too cold but was absolutely sweet after it warmed up. We enjoyed the bananas foster ($7), although the bananas might have been caramelised a bit more. The bananas foster were delicious.

(978) 922-6868 Wild Horse Café is located at 393 Cabot Street in Beverly.

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