Barbecue. The secrets of the Greek way!

Barbecue. The secrets of the Greek way!

North Shore Dish– Barbecue, The secrets of the Greek way! I’ve eaten cooked food all over the world. Before I talk about the different ways (gas grills, charcoal barbecues, Mongolian, sauces, and recipes), here are some things you should know about the Greek way of thought. We Greeks like good food, so let me begin with the meat. No matter what method, recipe, or sauce is used, meat from a farmer who feeds his animals the old-fashioned way will always taste great. Some of the most delicious Greek classics are served in this culinary trip from the fields to the plate.

Magical Tastes of Traditional Greek Cuisine

You can’t get natural boiled meat from a cow, a lamb, or a pig that tastes like this. The taste is truly magical! If you go on vacation to Greece in the morning or afternoon, you will see an old woman with two or three cows or goats. It can happen in the morning or the afternoon. A bar in the area will serve this kind of food. In this case, I mean this cut of beef. If you talk about places where goats drink seawater and eat wild plants, you’re talking about very good meat that is almost already salted. If you try it at CRETE, it will help you remember what I said. You should try some of the veal stake that is grown in northern Greece. There are places with good food where you won’t see any other people from the country.

Indulging in the best barbecue joints in Athens is a delicious experience

Let’s take a walk around Athens and see what the best places are. Many people in the Athens area think that Telis on Evripidou Str. is one of the best BBQ places in the city. Telis is a master when it comes to pork chops. This is what he knows best. When you order a plate, there will be four or five pieces of fried potatoes on top of it. He is easy to reach during the day and doesn’t charge much.

It’s an easy and quick way to switch out pork steak. They say you have to try it while you are in Athens. Another treat that you have to try is Thanasis kebab souvlaki in Thision. The meat that is cooked over charcoals is a mix of chopped lamp and veal. It’s usual to put them in a pita, but you can also eat a platter of four of them with grilled tomatoes rather than the other way around. Whatever the case, it’s really hard to eat just one. Ask them about hot papers if you’re interested.

There are many souvlaki shops in Athens. LEIBADIA at Kanigos Square is one of them. You can get the traditional pig souvlaki and as much village bread as you want when you go there. Because they make it all day, you can taste it right from the charcoals whenever you go there.

Last Thoughts

Barbecuing with charcoal is a famous thing to do all over Greece. Therefore, the gadget we choose must show that it can make our favorite flavor. As a pre-marination, we use olive oil, salt, pepper, and oregano to get our meat ready. During the grilling process, we add a small amount of a mixture made of olive oil, salt, and origanon to make a nice smell. This gives the meat a delicious and fragrant taste.

It’s important that the fire is strong, but not so hot that it starts fires under the meat. We keep a bottle of vinegar on hand in case there is a fire. We add freshly squeezed lemon juice right before we eat it. Our choice not to take the fat from our meat before grilling it is because we like the way it tastes when it’s smoked.

The Corinth bridge is a popular spot, but its BBQ souvlaki is even better known. Here is where the bridge that lets you into Peloponnesus is. Make sure you don’t cross the bridge and miss the taste of this souvlaki. It takes thousands of people every day to make the trip and try this area specialty.

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